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Quiet time is 11pm and is strictly enforced
We want all of our campers to have the best camping experience possible. We are a family campground and do not allow excessive music and/or obscene language. Game room also shuts down at quiet time. Failure to comply may result in being asked to leave the campground with no refund.

Code of Conduct

No underage drinking. No illegal drug use or sales. No foul or obscene language. No firearms or projectile weapons of any kind allowed, including paintball guns, BB guns, pellet guns, blow guns, slingshots, bow and arrows, etc. We are a family campground. 

​There is a $500.00 STATE FINE for cutting down any tree of any size. Both local and state fines may be assessed ($500.00 minimum). Firewood is for sale in the office.

Hang lanterns from ropes suspended between trees or a lantern holder. Do not attach lanterns directly to trees. 

We are a 30 AMP campground but allow 50 AMP with adapter
We will allow 50 AMP campers with an adapter as long as you are careful with your amp draw. For example, NO dual air conditioners running at the same time.

20 AMP Tent with Electric

Tent electrical sites are 20 amp max - do not overload the electrical outlet. NO tent air conditioners are allowed at any time unless authorized by camp manager.


Borrowed Item Deposit

A $20 deposit may be asked for campground owned borrowed items such as adapters, hoses, electric cords, grills etc...

We DO NOT give you a site number or promise specific sites during booking

We are such a unique campground and assign a site based upon your camper size and/or party size. You may request a specific site and we will do our best to put you in that site.

Registration and Payments

Register and pay in the office (located in the main building) upon arrival. The late check-in process (after 6:00 PM) will be discussed over the phone prior to your arrival. Holiday sites that are prepaid still need to register prior to setting up. Click here for our payment options

Anyone caught camping on the property without registering and paying will be charged campground fees and/or prosecuted as necessary.

Trash and Cleanup  
Please respect nature and the campground. Clean up after yourselves and take with you what you brought in. Do not dig any holes or move picnic tables and/or fire rings from other sites. No fires outside of the provided fire ring. Put your campsite trash in the large green dumpster located at front entrance. Community sinks are located by the big bonfire area and at campsite #6. 


Campground Staff

Camp workers are here for your convenience, please treat them as such. Any abuse will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave.


Parking for the main building and showers is located in the front of the main building only. No vehicles except dump station traffic or tube rentals allowed behind building. Note: dump station and tube rental traffic flows around building in a one-way clockwise direction from left to right.
At no time is parking allowed behind the main building for shower use.

Golf Carts allowed with permission ONLY.                                                       
NO ATVs, Dirt Bikes, and off-road vehicles allowed.                   
Licensed drivers for all vehicles (including gold carts).

Speed Limit
Please slow down! 10 MPH speed limit strictly enforced. Children, adults, and animals at play. 


NO GENERATORS allowed in camping areas unless specifically authorized by the camp manager.

No drinks or food allowed on the pool tables. Please attend to your children while in game room. Damage and/or monetary loss will be the responsibility of the parents. No children under 16 allowed in the building/game room after 9:00 PM without adult supervision. 


Child Supervision
Parents or guardians are responsible for the safety and conduct of their children and will be held liable to pay for any damages or acts of vandalism by their children. Do not allow children to run through or play on other camper's sites or in our ponds. Respect other camper's rights, privileges, and campsites. Children are to be on their site at 9:00 PM unless with an adult.


We are a pet-friendly campground. Do not leave your pet unattended for longer than 30 mins at a time. If your dog is left unattended and/or we get complaints on your dog(s) we may call Animal Control. State park rules say pets are allowed in the park but not in or near the water.           

Acts of Nature

We are not responsible for damage caused by falling limbs or tree's "Acts of Nature". We do our best to keep tree limbs cleaned up for your safety. If you notice any hazardous trees or limbs, please notify any camp staff member.



Please note: This property is privately owned. 

Campground rules are subject to change at our discretion.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. 
We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for the loss of money, or valuables. 

Violation or failure to comply with any of these rules may result in forfeiture of your cash deposit and/or eviction from the campground. We have the right, by law, to evict anyone for noncompliance.
Please report any rule violations to the campground staff.

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